Thursday, January 21, 2010

Journal 1

I'm using my blog as a journal now! Today was a normal day, I guess. Anyway... I had to stay in Spanish later then usual to work on missing work. Not fun. I made a 10 minute video today! I will but it on Youtube Friday after. And the AnnArborFamily 1 year Anniversary special is on Sunday! YAY! Anyways... We had spaghetti for dinner, I didn't eat much of it. Emily was being mean! Opening her mouth while chewing on purpose, and she knows how much I hate that! Also, I think my handwriting sucks. I want it to be summer so I can do whatever I want and have complete freedom! You know? I want more fans on Youtube! I'm sure I well soon, but how? HOW will I get to be popular on Youtube? I have to think of something original. But WHAT? Also the American Idol last night was awesome! I hope that one guy who lost last years becomes this year's

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