Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010

What I'm reading #1

Right now I am reading The Followship Of The Ring. I can't find any pictures of my edition. It might be a rare one cause I got it at a used book store and I've never seen a copy like it before. I'm on page 104 right now, and I've been reading it for 2 days. It's pretty interesting so far. I wanna see the LOTR movies by Peter Jackson but I wanna read the books first so when I'm done reading The Followship of The Ring I'll watch the movie.

AAF Produntions History

Kinda like a Wikipedia about me!

Early Years On Youtube/AAJ Productions
AAF's name is Jack, but his last name is unknown. Jack gets teased at in school and still does to this day. It all started when Jack had an idea about a movie and old iterative game called Club Penguin, Jack doesn't make Club Penguin videos anymore, nor does he play the game. He begged his parents to give him a Youtube account and they did. He called it AnnArborJack and made a film called Club Penguin Vs Runescape. He then met a Youtube user called ollieollieono, a boy who lived in the United Kingdom, whose real name was Oliver. Jack and Oliver became friends and made videos on Club Penguin together. Jack did become interested in Legos and did make a Lego flim, but the video camera he used had gotten broken in August, he got a new camera, but he stopped making the Lego film and no longer plays with Legos. "It takes to long to build the sets and they all apart easily" Jack says about them now. In December Jack told Oliver his videos started to suck now and they got into a big agurement. "I don't know why he got so mad, it's my opinion!" he says. Oliver somehow figured out his password and closed his account. Jack had only made 38 videos.

AAF Productions
Jack was angry and made a new account called AnnArborFamily, which he still uses to this day. Jack never talks to or hears from Oliver anymore. "He's in the past, I don't care about him anymore" Jack says. Jack admired that his first 20 videos on his new account sucked. He then made a the first and only episode of a show he made with his best friend called "The Toy Masters" he thought the video was an "epic fail" and he knew he could barley ever continue it so he deleted the video and stopped the series. He then started liking Mario and made a Mario show with his Mario toys called "Super Mario Adventures" he still makes episodes for it and the show today and it is on its 2nd season. The show became not very popular but he did get his first
fan named "twisters112". He then heard about ROMS and emulators for the Mario game
Super Mario 64. He became interested and learned how to do it, and know he does it. He now does a show for it called "The Adventures Of The Mushroom Kingdom" and he still makes episodes for it. But the show just started and only has 8 episodes so far. Recently he heard about a website called "Xtranormal" Where you can make animated films easily. He made a show called "Larry And Sarah" Jack hopes to a famous Youtuber and he has been Youtubing for almost 2 years. He has had his AnnArborFamily account for 1 year and 2 months and he only had his AnnArborJack account for 6 months. One of his favorite sayings is "Everyone stars somewhere" he heard from a TV show. He wants to be a movie director when he grows up and his favorite films are Avatar and Poltergeist. His favorite shows are Monk and American Idol.

Super Mario Adventures Season 2 Episode Guide

Season 2-Episode 1 (12) "Mario and Starburst"
Season 2-Episode 2 (13) "Movie Night"
Season 2-Episode 3 (14) "L Is Real"
Season 2- Episode 4 (15) "Mario 64"
Season 2- Episode 5 (16) "TV"
Season 2-Episode 6 (17) "Traveling"
Season 2- Episode 7 (18) "Finding Help"
Season 2- Episode 8 (19) "Out Again"
Season 2- Episode 9 (20) "T Is Real"
Season 2- Episode 10 (21) "Preparation"
Season 2 Finale (22)- "The Hypocrite"

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Journal 1

I'm using my blog as a journal now! Today was a normal day, I guess. Anyway... I had to stay in Spanish later then usual to work on missing work. Not fun. I made a 10 minute video today! I will but it on Youtube Friday after. And the AnnArborFamily 1 year Anniversary special is on Sunday! YAY! Anyways... We had spaghetti for dinner, I didn't eat much of it. Emily was being mean! Opening her mouth while chewing on purpose, and she knows how much I hate that! Also, I think my handwriting sucks. I want it to be summer so I can do whatever I want and have complete freedom! You know? I want more fans on Youtube! I'm sure I well soon, but how? HOW will I get to be popular on Youtube? I have to think of something original. But WHAT? Also the American Idol last night was awesome! I hope that one guy who lost last years becomes this year's

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Upcoming Flim:The 3 K's

Plot:A man and his brother joins the KKK, after 20 years ago he divorced his wife. He then finds his long lost wife and she wants him to quit and re-marry again. He wants do, but his brother doesn't and tries to kill them. They then look for help and find a man named Martin Luther King JR.
The film will be in 12 parts. Each part is 10 minutes.

Length Time:120 minutes.
Rating:PG-13 for violence, death scenes, toilet humor,and scary creature action
Date:As soon as I can.
Film Time Line: 1955-1964

Monday, January 11, 2010

Avatar The IMAX 3D Expernice Review

If you have not seen Avatar and are planning to, you must see it in IMAX 3D. It is incredible. Avatar is filled with action,adventure,violence, some comedy, and even romance! It has good acting and all. And most of the movie is CGI, computer animation. And once you see the world of the movie, you won't believe me. But you will believe me the movie took 4, kind of 12 years to make. You see, in the year 1997, shorlty after Titanic came out, James Cameron had a idea for a screenplay called Avatar, and he knew that he couldn't make the flim then, so it put it in a vase, and it was in there for years. In 2005, he took it out, thinking he could make it now, he did, but it took him 4 years. The movie has a great story and is very fun to watch. Your family will enjoy it and will be one of the best movies your ever see because of the acting, the envoriment, the adventure, you'll love the movie

Avatar is rated PG-13 for for intense epic battle sequences and warfare, sensuality, language and some smoking.