Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Lost Spartan Will Be A Series.

So yeah, a show. I'll make 10 DVD's of Season 1 when it's over! You may be lucky to get one.
Season 1 will take place in Halo 1
Season 2 Will Take Place In Halo 2
Season 4 Will Take Place in Halo 3
Season 5 Will Take Place In Firefight
Season 6 Will Take Place In Halo Reach
Season 7 Will Take Place In Halo Wars,Halo 1,and Halo Reach
Season 8 (The Final Season) Will Take Place In Halo 1,Halo 2,Halo 3,Firefight,Halo Reach,and Halo Wars.
I'm planning to not reveal what causes the explosion until Season 8 episode 2. And I'm not revealing that Sam is really a .... until Season 6 Episode 20. (The Season 6 Finale) This show isn't really comedy, but it will have funny parts. So yeah! Goodbye!

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