Tuesday, May 19, 2009

AAF Produtions Movie Slate 2009 to 2012

Lego's Vs.Toys. June 12,2009 (I need to start working on it! Teaser come out will on May 29th, a full trailer will come out 3 days after that (June 1st) Poster will be available soon.
Spy June 2009
Army Men. July 4th,2009 or February 14,2010 Plot: The T.B.P.S. (The Brave Plastic Soldiers) just finished Toy War II against the tan. Now, 9 years later (or 10, if it comes out in 2010) The Tan Are Back and want revenge. Will the toys be ready or a third war after 9 (or 10) years?
Alien War: August 2009 Don't wanna say plot till Army Men comes out.
Club Penguin Vs.Runescape 2: July 4th 2009
Show: Woddy and Buzz October 2,2009
The Color Wars 2: October 8th 2009 (no more plots)
Metallica The Concert: October 16th, 2009
BDILP: Thanksgiving 2009
Sherlock Homes Jr. Christmas 2009
COEFTCOP: Valentines Day 2010
The Toys Are Back In Town:June 18, 2010
Toy Story 3 Full Movie: Fall 2010
The 2nd Race:Fall 2011
The Teen: October 5th,2011
Sherlock Homes Jr. 2: Christmas 2011
The Color Wars 3: Fall 2012
Halo:The Fight of the coveant:Summer 2012
D.C. Summer 2012
The End:December 21st:2012

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