Monday, February 23, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I had to spend 6 hours in my sisters friends house being babysat (kinda) while my parents were out seeing Celtic Woman. And my sister and her friend would not let me and her two little sisters do anything. The only fun stuff we did out of the 6 hours was watch "Mamma Mia!" eat pizza, and dance to music. I did not have much fun! I was glad when my parents got back. Also my REAL old teacher was having a baby and another teacher was filling in for her, I really liked her, my old teacher is coming back on Tuesday! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmph, Friday was NOT a good day for me.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Halo:The Fight of The Coveant Movie

I am making a halo movie that takes place in the year 2525, the EXACT year the covenant war started. The end of the movie takes place in 2552, then comes my sequel, the Sequel to it takes place in 2552, only lasting a few a days, about were they first find Halo, ending in the middle of Halo 2 were they find the 2nd Halo, The 3rd and last film starts right after they enter the first Halo, and the movie ends in March 2553, when the war ends. I will start working on it soon.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Halo 3 (2007 Xbox 360) Review

I borrowed this game and the Xbox 360 since I don't have one. I beat this game in 3 days. I love it. Its the conclusion to the Halo Trilogy. It ends the events taken place for Halo Combat Evolved. Master Chief comes down to Earth to "Finish the Fight" between the Covenant and the Flood. And they have a new mode called Forge were you can make your world. Well, not exactly. And you can have new types of armor too. And with the brand new theater mode, you can watch your own campagin videos, and you can watch you Xbox Live matches. Lots of people make Machinimas with it. It is a great game. Go out and buy it now!!! Please?!?!?!?!

Halo 2 (2007 PC Vista) Review

Halo 2 for PC Vista. Yet again, a sequel to Halo Combat Evolved. This has campagin, yes, and online. You need the Games for Windows version of live. Luckily my copy came with a gold account offer that I used. With Live, you can make friends, make parties (games), send messages , and more. Thank you for reading!

Halo 2 (2004 Xbox) Review

The sequel to Halo Combat Evolved (Halo 1) In this game we get some new charters and new enemy's as well. In this game, the Master Chief and Marines and ready to go back to Earth, but the Covenant find them, luckily the chief and his Marines get off the ship. Into Earth, but the Covenant come too. Then the Cheif finds out they made another Halo. But not just one Halo, a whole bunch! The chief needs to destroy them, "or were all goona die"
This has Live too, enjoy the game!

Halo 1/ Halo Combat Envloved/Halo PC (2003 PC Review)

Yup, this is the way... In this game you can fight online with other players and you can start a game. There are 19 maps, including 6 brand new maps from the original Xbox version of the game! And yet again, you can play the campagin mode, also if you have this game, you can download Halo Custom Edition! If Halo CE you can made custom maps, download custom maps, and more! Please go out and buy this game please!!

Halo Combat Evloved (2001 Xbox) Review

A fun classic game. The game is a bit old, yes. But it is still fun to play from time to time. In 2 years the game will be 10 years old. But anyways, you can fight the covenant, the flood, ride in vehicles, and battle your friends in SplitScreen mode. You can also fight your way to destroy Halo with a buddy in Coraptive Mode. ( i think i missspelled that.) But this is a fun game. Go out and buy it. But if you don't have an Xbox and you wanna battle the world, theres a way you can still play this game and battle the world...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Uptade on Halo Movie (2012)

Sadly, the movie is coming out in 2012. But the movie is expected to be rated PG13 and if the movie comes out after October 5th 2012 I'll be old enough to see it. The guy who is writing the new G.I Joe Rise of Corba movie is writing all 3 of the Halo Movies. "Halo The Fall of Reach Halo The Rise Of The Flood Halo The Battle for Earth" I will add some new stuff when I hear it. I can't wait to see the movie!!! I'll be at the midnight 1st showing!

Sorry its been a while since my last post